Mankind’s Uniqueness as a Species

Man versus Animal:
You are cordially invited to discuss, debate, criticize and especially, add to, this list.

1. Men wear clothing.

2. Men bury their dead.

3. Men bury artifacts in anticipation of need in an afterlife.

4. Men are motivated by an unseen God.

5. Men use tools.

6. Men seek revenge.

7. Men kill their own kind for reasons other than survival.

8. Men value things that are neither food nor tools.

9. Men are the only literate species. They write to remember/remind. They write to create.

10. Men create art.

11. Men engage in sex for pleasure.

12. Men pervert sex.

13. Men seek to solve (perceived) problems that are not their own. (Buttinski)

14. Men cook their food.

15. Men use fire.

16. Men judge a thing good or evil.

17. Men seek to leave the earth.

18. Men fly without wings.

19. Men visit the ocean depths.

20. Men explore where they know there is nothing to sustain them.

21. Men fear God.

22. Men commit suicide.

23. Men commit Patricide/Matricide. (Often adoptive parents)

24. Men feel shame. (“Man is the only animal that blushes, or needs to.” -Mark Twain)

25. Men hold their water and bowels to their own hurt for modesty’s sake.

26. Men laugh. Dogs bark.

27. Men have apposable thumbs. (?)

28. Men are bi-pedal. (Walk on two feet)

29. Men regret the Past.

30. Men worry about the Future.

31. Men store food (and other treasure) for years in advance.

32. Men (Women) abort their own unborn children.

33. Men seek to control Nature.

34. Men destroy Nature.

35. Men ride horses and other animals.

36. Men keep pets.

37. While fish fish for fish to fill their bellies. Men fish for fish for sport and gain far beyond the filling of their own bellies.

38. Men imitate Nature and Elaborate upon it: They Sing, Dance and make Music with musical instruments.

39. Men make war.

40. Men – and only men, can destroy the Earth.

41. Men seek diversion and entertainments.

42. Men keep Time.

43. Men Love.

44. Men engage in acts of Self-Sacrifice.

45. Men play Games.

46. Men violate the Laws of God and Nature.

47. Men engage in Symbolism, I.e., Words, Letters, Numbers, Pictures, Graven Images (icons, fetishes, toys, miniatures, models, money).

48. Men engage in superstition.

49. Mankind is the only animal species in rebellion against God.

50. Man is the only animal that routinely and habitually preys upon its own kind.

51. Men rape women and other men.

52. Some men have a conscience while others do not.

53. Men ponder Creation.

54. Man is the only species capable of ‘possession’ by a spirit other than his own.

(One can be self-possessed, devil-possessed or possessed of The Holy Spirit.)

55. Men shed tears in response to strong emotions.

56. Man is the only creature capable of causing his own species’ extinction.

Again, you are cordially invited to discuss, debate, criticize and especially, add to, this list.

A man on a horse, (homo sapiens) riding atop (equus caballus) is almost mystical and unique to the animal world in that, while other creatures ride on other creatures (such as fleas on a dog or oxpeckers on cattle), man is the only animal that masters and directs his mount.

57. Men care for their defectives. In the natural world defectives are soon gobbled up by predators. Predators target the weak: they’re only interested in the young, the old, the halt and lame. They prey only on the vulnerable. Among men, the grotesquely deformed and debilitated live out long lives under the protection of the healthy and strong. Historically, this practice is evolutionary.


About The Twentieth Man

Age 68
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