Susan B. Anthony

In a world where it is universally true that a woman’s face is her fortune, the notorious suffragette Susan B. Anthony was operating under an apparently huge deficit. Her portrait as struck on the publicly rejected commemorative $1 coin is that of a hatchet faced hag. All the images I’ve seen of her have me convinced that she was more likely a he than a she. Aside from the Victorian era dresses and hair styles there is nothing feminine about her. In her youth she appeared even more manly then in her old age. While actual photographs are quite scarce; they are uniform in depicting a very masculine face. With a prominent nose and square jaw, the dollar coin alone even hints of the presence of an Adam’s Apple.

We have the technology. Exhume the body; obtain DNA samples and run a gender test.

In doing this, let us also make a small wager:

If Susan B. Anthony turns out to be a guy named Tony: we repeal The 19th Amendment;
no questions asked.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 69
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