The Right to Work

There is no such thing as “the right to work”. Obviously, the current recession with its mass layoffs blows that idea clean out of the water. Either that, or millions of people are having their civil rights violated.

We haven’t been hearing much media chatter about “the right to work” lately.

“The Right to Work” is, at worst, a political propaganda slogan; at best, it is nothing short of wishful thinking.

“The Right to Work”, is a meaningless phrase, and of late, it is most often heard coming from the mouths (or pens) of Feminists.

“The Right to Work” never existed for men; why would it exist for women?

Historically, “The Right to Work” never existed. Even in biblical times men stood about idle. (Matthew 20)

Pre-historically, your very own ancestors, naked and hairy, while snapping and snarling at each other over the carcass of a recent kill, probably never bothered to observe each others‘ “Right to Work”. But perhaps way back, and long before then, in the primordial wilderness, when there was considerably more elbow room in the world, did something akin to “The Right to Work” exist.

(Man did not invent fire, nor did he tame it. He just learned to use it.)

Unemployment has been in existence since Man first conceived the idea of ownership.

The ownership of property causes unemployment and precludes “The Right to Work”.

The Communists decried the private, monopolistic, ownership of “the means of production”. The ownership of the raw materials; ownership of the land; ownership of the factories and ownership of the machines used to transform these things into salable goods; and even the franchise to sell them.

Even with services (as opposed to goods), a masseuse needs, not only a customer, but a place in which to ply his trade.

Almost all lucrative human economic activity is licensed, regulated, taxed and generally monopolized. You can’t do so much as sell ice cream without a Street Vendor’s Permit.

A Permit is the document that grants permission; so where is “The Right to Work” in that?

They say: “You’ve got “The Right to Work!”“; BUT – you need a license to be a doctor, lawyer, taxi driver, fisherman, pilot, etc.. And if there is a man of poor vision and palsied, trembling hand who wants to be a brain surgeon; believing in it, will you not help enforce his “Right to Work”?

“The Right to Work” then, is an empty and utterly meaningless slogan; propaganda currently in use to seduce silly, uneducated, and illogical women:

“…for of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive SILLY WOMEN laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”



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