The Signet

This is a photograph of a modified bronze date inscription stamper held in hand by a City of Milwaukee employee. Reversed text reads: City of Milwaukee 2010

This is a tool used to indicate that the city, as opposed to a private contractor, is responsible for that particular piece of concrete paving work.

The inscription 2010 indicates AD 2010 or, in Latin, Anno Domini, or Year of Dominion; meaning the work was done, counting from the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth, in the two-thousand-and-tenth year of the Christ’s (the Holy Spirit of Jesus) reign over His Kingdom.

Jesus said:

“My kingdom is not of this world….” – John 18:36, meaning that he would not reign in the flesh but rather, in the spirit.

To clarify grammatically: One would say: “Jesus was….” because he died on the cross, but in the present tense, one would say “Christ is….” (the Lord) because his (Holy) spirit lives on.

Historically, kingdoms come and kingdoms go and dynasties are but successions of kings. But here we have, set in concrete (or rather, carved in stone), the indite (tool) 2010 that is recognizable as both Sign and Signet of The Kingdom of Heaven – Christ’s Kingdom – a kingdom held in perpetuity; an everlasting kingdom; now, by comparison, the largest, and greatest kingdom on earth; and in the whole of human history, unquestionably the oldest kingdom that has ever been ruled over by the Will and, more importantly, The Spirit of One Man.


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