Curfew (First Written On October 21, 2010)

A PSA is a Public Service Announcement made by a media outlet such as a television or radio station. Historically PSAs where sometimes voluntary and sometimes (FCC) mandatory depending on time and place. Growing up I recall a black screen bulletin on television stating:

“It’s 10 O’clock. Do you City of Milwaukee parents know where your children are?”

It was chilly this morning as it was typical October weather and just the thought “it’s October” brought forth a memory from a long time ago. There was a dust-up over curfew back then, and I suppose it was an offshoot of the Civil Rights Movement wherein some lawyers claimed Milwaukee’s juvenile curfew was an unconstitutional infringement of children’s rights.

Coming in from outdoors, I said to my son, “It’s October. Do you City of Milwaukee children know where your parents are?”

He said “I don’t get it.”

I said “Oh. That’s just something from the Seventies.”

Then he laughed.

It was just a snarky remark I’d picked up somewhere, way back when. It could have been from a bumper sticker or a T-shirt.

I keep telling him there’s a reason they call the Seventies “The Lost Decade”.

FYI: Most shooting victims are killed just after midnight Sunday morning. So if you would “live long and prosper” it’s always best to go to bed with the chickens.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 68
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