A Very Catty Remark

Holidays conjure holiday memories and year by year we are reminded of holidays past.

New Year’s Eve in memory is too often fog bound from over indulgence and unaccustomed celebration. New Year’s Day for many is a day to nurse a hangover, watch some football, and struggle futilely to remember all that had happened the night before.

Every year at this time I recall a minor, almost unnoticed incident that occurred during the Tournament of Roses Parade. Every year the memory of it makes me chuckle and I’ve often promised myself I’d write it down for others to enjoy. I don’t recall exactly what year it was that I watched this particular Rose Parade on television. I don’t think it was in the ‘70’s – The 1970’s, sometimes referred to as “The Forgotten Decade” is called the forgotten decade for a good reason. (See above).

The televised Tournament of Roses Parade is usually hosted by minor celebrities, up and comers, actors and actresses you’ve never heard of, third tier Hollywood wannabes or just about anybody they can find who’s still sober New Year’s morning. And so it was for this parade. The host and hostess were young actors I’d never even heard of before. In watching this or any other parade on television I appreciate a more detailed voiceover description of the various floats and marching units over the Ooh’s and Ah’s that anybody on the curb could do. Sometimes the hosts seem bored or even at a loss for something to say. To be fair: most of them are not professional announcers.

An altercation between two women or girls is sometimes referred to as a ‘Cat Fight”. Men are often stereotyped in that they are said to enjoy a good cat fight. It is only the adolescent lunkheads who say they enjoy the screeching, hair-pulling, eye-scratching, roll-on-the-ground violence. Rivalry between women and girls is usually expressed in much more subtle terms than an out-and-out cat fight. There is the catty remark. It is a casual observation intended to knock, belittle, or disparage.

At one point in the parade a float went by carrying Mickey Mouse. I don’t really know what to call such a thing: it’s not a puppet; this human being in the guise of a cartoon character. There seems to be several layers of unreality about it. It’s not really Mickey, but then neither is Mickey. Anyway; the actor/host was gushing about what a great star Mickey was, and I thought to myself:

“Why is he such a big deal? He hasn’t made a movie in years.”


“And there’s Minnie Mouse, and she’s wearing the same dress.”

Minnie Mouse

I thought: “That’s about the cattiest remark I’ve ever heard.”

Happy New Year


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