Christmas Cards

My niece sent us some lovely, hand-made Christmas cards. It sent me into a nostalgic reverie about my mother (her grandma) and how she would decorate the house for Christmas. In my mother’s day, the exchange of Christmas cards seemed on a massive scale. Starting in early December Christmas cards from my mother’s family and friends would begin to arrive on a daily basis. As they did so, she would open and read them and hang them, first across, and then down all the interior door casings, completely covering the lintels and jambs, often all the way to the floor. Every doorway in the house (from both points of view) was thus covered with a colorful and eclectic collection of Christmas cards. She used basting tape or bias from her sewing machine. Most of the cards were rectangular and as an added touch she fastened them on the diagonal in such a way that you could both enjoy the outside and flip it open to see who it was from. Along with a huge Christmas Tree, centerpieces, wreaths, bells, and window dressings, one might rightly state that my mother’s life (and home) was festooned with family and friends.


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