Internet Imps

The Internet Imps are at it again. They exist just the other side of your PC monitor. They might work for Microsoft, Windows, Yahoo!, Google, AOL or what ever. While you work on your side of the monitor they’re working just as hard on the other. They know more about computers then you ever will. Their job is to keep you confused. They play off of your curiosity instinct. Anything new draws your attention. They change things. They tinker, tinker, tinker. They add things. They subtract things. They move things around. They’re playing a game with you. It’s a combination of Follow the Leader and Tag.

(Catch Me If You Can)

Have you ever noticed, the advertising on your screen loads first? Your stuff, no matter how dear it is to you, is of little value to them. It might load; it might load slowly; it might not load at all. It might even (Ooops!) get lost.

They shove Hollywood celebrities’ comings and goings under your nose as if this crap was earth-shaking news.

Technologically, they sell you The Next Big Thing. (You are soooo out of fashion!)

The Internet Imps will never leave well enough alone. They will continue to tinker, tinker, tinker, until you are out of patience or money, which ever comes first.

Your PC doesn’t really belong to you. It belongs to the Internet Imps. You could pour your heart and soul (and countless hours) into a project, and the next day you discover the Internet Imps have once again just pulled the plug.

There is no stability here. There is no reliability here. There is nothing and no one to trust.

Sit on your hands. Let the Internet Imps buy your next computer.


About The Twentieth Man

Age 67
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