Angry Father’s Day

You can shove this Father’s Day holiday business up your ass. Every year it just translates as mockery and parody. Fag aldermen, queer congressmen and sex deviate senators have no respect for fatherhood. The very same corporate capitalists that sell you those silly neckties, coffee mugs and greeting cards work hard the rest of the year undermining and destroying fatherhood. Do you really believe feminist divorce lawyers have even a smidgen of sentimental regard even for their very own fathers? It’s their job; it’s their profession; it’s their schadenfreude joy to tear these hated patriarchies (and estates) down.

If they were sincere about family values and the virtues of fatherhood, lawfully married men with children would be first hired – last fired as a matter of policy in both the public and private sectors.

Humanity has come full circle once again. It is a certainty that troglodyte women were unwed mothers prior to the invention of marriage – and prior to the invention of fatherhood.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 69
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