Feminism Defined: by The Twentieth Man

Feminism: feminism (fĕmĭniz’m), n.
  1. a negative double-construct; feminine + ism; the suffix ism (usually positive) indicative of ideology, belief, and concomitant actions. Slogans of a like nature. The root word feminine also being a construct, the suffix ine indicative of as or like a female; womanly; ladylike. The self-loathing rejection or protestation of one’s placement on the naturally endowed masculine-feminine continuum or distribution curve of physical sex characteristics and procreative role.
  2. the current political (legislative), socio-economic, and even surgical and pharmacological efforts to resolve the chronic-historic and virtually unresolvable cluster of women’s complaints.
  3. the erroneous and superstitious belief that being born a woman is an inherent form of weakness, that women are the inferior sex; that it is a birth defect, a handicap, a problem to be solved or, especially, a genetic disease in need of a cure.
  1. cultural truancy; the dependent delegation of filial piety and parental roles to the government.
  1. the cult, or truncated culture, wherein women abandon all traditional social duties toward their parents, husbands and children. Propaganda to that effect.
  1. feminine wiles; a two-pronged approach used by a woman to express her ego: sex and reason.
  1. a corporate capitalist mass media propaganda campaign bent upon the seduction, employment and ultimately, the exploitation of women.
  1. a male with feminine physical and/or behavioral sex characteristics.
  1. the belief that, if you can control the women, you can control the men.
  1. the chronic and highly contagious dis-ease of women. (See: Hysteria)

About The Twentieth Man

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