The Box

Have you never heard the admonitory maxim: “Think Outside The Box”?

The Box being referred to is of course, The Idiot Box, or television set.

“Television” usually refers to  just the home receiver or television set.

The term “television set” refers to the grouping or “set” of vacuum tubes inside or in the back of the television receiver that translates the commercially broadcast or On the Air UHF and VHF portions of the electromagnetic spectrum (radio waves) into both picture and sound.

The CRT – (Cathode Ray Tube) – the main vacuum tube in a typical (old style) television receiver, visible from the outside, (where a hot cathode emits a beam of electrons that pass through a high voltage anode and are focused or deflected magnetically before energizing a rapidly moving, tiny, spot on a phosphorescent screen) is usually called a picture tube.

The picture tube, less commonly, is known as “the boob tube”, because it makes a boob out of regular viewers.

tel·e·vi·sion  (tele-vzhn) n.

1 a. The transmission of dynamic or sometimes static images, generally with accompanying sound, via electric or electromagnetic signals.

b. An electronic apparatus that receives such signals, reproducing the images on a screen, and typically reproducing accompanying sound signals on speakers.

c. The visual and audio content of such signals.

2. The industry of producing and broadcasting television programs.
[French télévision : télé-, far (from Greek tle-, tele-) + vision]

A woman once paid me a rather odd but very flattering compliment. She said talking with me was always interesting because no matter what subject we were conversing about I would always add something to the deliberations that she had never considered or even thought about.
She said: “You have an all-encompassing mind.”

I responded: “Only God has an all-encompassing mind. I just don’t watch television.”


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