PTSD Highjacked by Pop Culture

Regrettably, I’ve been unable, over the years, to catalogue the numerous media instances where PTSD was referenced. PTSD is a psychiatric diagnosis originating with (Vietnam) war veterans and historically linked to such terms as Shell Shock or Battle Fatigue. The acronym PTSD has been highjacked by pop culture and been throughly abused as an off-hand, guesswork diagnosis. It has long been my ambition to send letters of reprimand to lawyers, doctors, media pundits, and anyone else who abuses or makes false claims concerning PTSD. I could use some help here.

The basic idea is to not equivocate or compare any other of life’s experiences with the actual experience of war.

There was a saying making the rounds during and after the Vietnam War:

“You Have Not Lived Until You Have Almost Died.

Life Has A Flavor The Protected Will Never Know.”


Screen Grab LA Times Website Nov. 21, 2013

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel July 27, 2011

News Article Milwaukee Journal Sentinel July 27, 2011


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