The Un Generation

I feel suffocated. I feel like I’m drowning in the petty day-to-day problems of others. I’d like to take on some of the major, perennial problems that make up the tragedy called the human condition.

Humanity is inhumane to itself. We are not in our right minds. For example: there is not one single person on this entire planet that is here voluntarily. You may have heard the expression: “I didn’t ask to be born.” Unless there is some cosmic, mystical circumstance that no one, no mortal is aware of, this is a universal truth. But do we treat the people we meet with a kind of sympathy appropriate to this condition? Hell no. WE didn’t ask to be born – everyone else is just in our way.

No one was asked if they wanted to be born. No one lives by consent. No one lives by his own volition. Even though we do not understand what life truly is, we struggle against each other none the less in order to to keep that which was thus thrust upon us. We hurt each other unjustly.

We may well call ourselves The Un Generation.

Almost everyone living today, especially the children, are: Un-planned, Un-wanted, Un-loved, and, as far as the world is concerned, Un-welcome.

There are some children who are indeed planned. There are some whose parents actually wanted them. And, however you may define it, some are even loved – by their parents. But as for the rest of teeming humanity: you’re still Un-welcome.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 69
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