The Last Citizen

I passed through the intersection of Greenfield Avenue & Miller Park Way. The traffic light was malfunctioning and traffic was still fairly heavy. With ten drivers deciding all at once who should go next it was kind of tricky to get through. When I got home I called the Milwaukee Police Department, 2nd District, to report it.

They informed me the intersection was in West Milwaukee’s jurisdiction and transferred my call. An officer answered and I told him about the traffic light. He said they already had someone on it.

He then asked, “Who are you?”

I felt like saying “I’m The Last Citizen.”

I find it irksome and offensive that, whenever I call the authorities to report an accident, pothole, out traffic light, downed wires, fight, etc., that they always seem to question my motive for calling them in the first place. Am I bothering you?

I think the next time this happens I won’t give them my name but I’ll just tell them I’m “The Last Citizen” – the only one left who even gives a damn.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 68
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