Cage Free Eggs

Does the village idiot know he’s the village idiot?
Does a senile person know that he’s senile?
Do severely retarded people know they’re retarded?
At what point, if ever, does a sucker know he’s been suckered?
Does a fool know he’s a fool?

Does a hen know which side of the fence she’s on?
Can chickens tell time?

If a person pays more than triple the going rate for a dozen eggs ($3.45 vs $1.09) just because they are advertised as “cage free” (but can’t actually go anywhere); does that person know they’ve been swindled?

It is a consummate hypocrisy to declare chickens “free” ultimately to devour both them and their unhatched offspring.
If indeed chickens must scratch for their living – does it matter where?
Does liberation improve a chicken’s point-of-view? And what about the eggs? Do they even have a point-of-view?
Did anyone bother to ask the chicken’s opinion?
Is a free range chicken more or less “happy as a clam?”
Being, as they are, subject to the fox, the hawk, eagles, stray cats and automobiles, etc.; is a free range chicken’s life less stressful and more fulfilling?

Anthropomorphization: ascribing human characteristics to an inanimate object or a lower life form. (e.g. Mr. Peanut.) Naturalists and especially advertisers are guilty of it.

When you are wrong, do you know that you are wrong?


About The Twentieth Man

Age 69
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