Monster Dog

Monster Dog was a canine member of the 187th Assault Helicopter Company. Larger than a standard German Shepard or Rottweiler, he was almost as large as a Great Dane. He had extraordinarily big feet and an over-sized, too-big-for-his-body, blocky, square head. He was a thoroughbred mutt.

With most mutts you can identify distinct characteristics blended neatly from various pure breeds. Monster Dog was a different sort of mutt. His name flowed from the fact that he looked like he’d been sewn together by Victor Frankenstein himself.

His short-haired coat was multicolored, motley, and asymmetrical. Nothing matched. While he had some clearly defined patches, he also had fuzzy spots, tartan blends and none of his legs even looked a little alike.

One of his ears stood upright while the other hung down.

One eye was a jaundiced brownish-green and bloodshot. The other was a ghastly, staring, pale, cataract blue.

To top it all off his tail was jointed like it was broken in a couple of places.

This is not to say he was unhealthy. On the contrary, Monster Dog gave me the impression that mutts generally have stronger constitutions than that of pure breeds.

He was taciturn and lumbered about the company area with the quiet assurance of a creature whose size and appearance was such that nobody – neither man nor beast – would dare to mess with him.

Monster Dog wasn’t so much scary as he was comically funny looking.

I don’t know who owned him; I think he just owned himself.

I wish I had a picture of good ol’ Monster Dog.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 68
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