Looking back on the great sweep of human history billions of people have lived, suffered and died; their names never recorded – lost to all recollection. While some notables are recorded by historians, they too are known or remembered by a relative handful of academics. Ordinary people such as you and I are destined to be forgotten. In but a few generations we are reduced to, at most, an entry in a ledger or a faded photograph, and, over time, few and fewer will ask: “Who was that?”

Having strolled among the ancient headstones in quiet cemeteries hereabout – places nobody visits – I’ve found many headstones that were neither overgrown, nor neglected, nor toppled nor vandalized, but whose inscription was simply obliterated and made unreadable by wind, weather, and the ravages of time. We’ll all be forgotten in time.

History books are filled with the names of many great battles fought, where hundreds and thousands of soldiers perished – none of their names ever recorded or remembered.

Even The Great Pyramids of Egypt are vandalized, sand-blasted and weather-beaten and destined ultimately to be reduced to what they originally (compositionally) were – dust. And worldwide there is much talk and activity about the “preservation” and “restoration” of ruins to their originally ruined state – which I find to be both futile and ludicrous. It just begs the question: “Can one ruin a ruin?”

In my meditations concerning all this, I cast my mind forward, far into the future, down the Great Hall of History and ask: “If not you and me, or even the greater names of history, who will be remembered by all for All Time?” I have come to the conclusion that only two names will be remembered by everyone for all time: Jesus, because He is the Christ; and Santa Claus, because so long as humanity remains there will be children, and Santa, being as he is, servant of Christ, is the physical, tangible, symbolic, manifestation of God’s love for children.

I don’t really care if anyone remembers me – so long as I’m remembered of God.


About The Twentieth Man

Age 67
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