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Dirty Words

I would not characterize myself as a particularly precocious child. I would rather just say I was curious – but curiosity is an instinct. It was about the third grade, when I was about eight years old and, having learned … Continue reading

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Hepatitis B

A genuine Haight-Ashbury hippie acquaintance of mine once gave me a “street-smart” survival tip on how to raise a little cash when you’re down and out; namely: sell plasma. Blood plasma is the yellowish liquid that carries the red corpuscles … Continue reading

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On Loneliness

I’m never lonely. I never feel alone. When I was a child I was taught about God and the attributes of God, those being: omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence. Omnipresence means God is everywhere and all at once; and wherever I … Continue reading

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Political Science

Science tells us the earth is round. Political Science tells us it is flat. Politicians have a high propensity for ignoring Cause and Effect and the unchanging and unchangeable Facts of Life.

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