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Employment means “usage”. To be “employed” means “to be used”. If you are in the market to hire and employ someone, the ideal candidate for such employment is a homosexual Tarzan. Capitalist employers everywhere are constantly on the lookout for … Continue reading

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Every scar on your body has a story behind it. Every mark has a tale to tell. I have a scar in the small of my back just to the right of my spine; it’s about 2 ⅛″ (5.4 cm) … Continue reading

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The Rat Pack – a gnawing doubt

It was a minor complaint, given the many complaints we had to choose from. But one of the guys mentioned in passing that his fingers hurt. Another chimed in and said his did too. We all agreed that everyone’s finger … Continue reading

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The Next Disaster Movie

Did you ever have one of those days? Did you ever have one of those days when everyone in your household is sick, and all at the same time? The human immune system is a marvelous, mysterious thing. When your … Continue reading

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The Dirtiest Word in The English Language

What is the dirtiest word in the English language? While it does have its equivalents in some other tongues, most languages, especially those languages that are soon to be extinct – have not, and never even had, an equivalent term. … Continue reading

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