Employment means “usage”. To be “employed” means “to be used”. If you are in the market to hire and employ someone, the ideal candidate for such employment is a homosexual Tarzan. Capitalist employers everywhere are constantly on the lookout for ever cheaper labor to use. In considering which candidate to hire the potential employer looks at the total cost of such employment over time – the long reach. Our hypothetical homosexual Tarzan is a physically fit adult male and thus possesses greater upper body strength than a comparable female and can lift heavy objects repeatedly. Tarzan does not wear shoes. Shoes are an expense. Providing shoes for employees is part and parcel to the overall cost of labor. Because he wears no shoes the employer can pay less for his labors.

Tarzan lives in the jungle, sleeps in the trees and pays no rent. He eats what he finds in the jungle – another expense not born by the potential employer. Tarzan wears no clothes and pays no heating bills. Yet another cost saving for the potential employer. And since this hypothetical Tarzan of ours is a homosexual, this eliminates Jane as a wife/dependent and any subsequent offspring produced by such a union.

All-in-all, a homosexual Tarzan would always be first hired – last fired. Tarzan is an illiterate simpleton, highly unlikely to form a Labor Union or make unreasonable wage demands. He doesn’t know what money is or what to do with it.

A homosexual Tarzan is an almost ideal candidate for capitalistic employment; except for one thing: Tarzan doesn’t need a job.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 68
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