I said it before and I’ll say it again: “True stories are the best kinds of stories.”

Over the years our neighborhood has turned about 90% Mexican. The kids speak better English than the parents. I was sitting on the porch this afternoon when a trio of boys ran by. The were all about seven years old or so. They ran chasing around and across the lawns and one of them pressed himself against the house next door as if he were hiding from the others. The others discovered him there and cornered him. One of the boys noticed me sitting there, looked up and smiled, saying, “We’re playing a game of Cops and Robbers.” I just smiled and nodded in reply. He then turned and tackled the other boy, and pinned him to the ground. Then from this little heap of humanity I heard the “Robber” say to the “Cop”, “I’ll give you five dollars if you let me go.”


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6 Responses to Corruption

  1. scintillatebrightly says:

    It starts young, doesn’t it?

    • Monkey See – Monkey Do (an old expression). Children mimic their role models. When the boys first moved in one approached me and asked bluntly, “Are you Police?”

      • scintillatebrightly says:

        Well, I guess the kid had to know if he was safe or not.

        • Safe from whom, the robbers or the police?

          • scintillatebrightly says:

            Well the police of course.
            I don’t know about you but I was always taught that there was more to fear from the police than anyone else…and so I have always continued to believe.

            • I was brought up to respect the Police and follow their lawful orders. In the military the term “police” has a slightly clearer connotation. I think all school children should go on “Police Call” around their school every morning. Police Call in the Army is just picking up trash. A civilian policeman’s job is as a collector, collecting complaints, collecting information, collecting evidence and of course collecting suspects to turn it all over to the courts for judgement. If kids really understood that they wouldn’t be afraid or oppositional to the police.

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