How to Sell Kumquats

Sexagenarian though I am, there are many, many things I’ve still never tried and still never tasted. In the supermarket the other day I spotted some kumquats for sale. Although I’d heard the name kumquat before and always thought it oddly amusing, it dawned on me that I’d never actually tried a kumquat in my whole life, so, out of an odd sense of adventure, and pricey though they were, I decided to take some home. Simply washed and eaten raw, I must say the kumquats left my taste buds thoroughly confused. However, I did find the kumquat to be a mildly hallucinogenic aphrodisiac, because, that very night I was visited by a succubus that was positively delightful; or perhaps it was all just a coincidence.


About The Twentieth Man

Age 67
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