Dealing with Mexican Gangs

How to deal with Mexican Gangs?

Jail the women. Jail the women without hesitation. Jail the women without reservation. Do so because it is the women who are the real leaders of the Mexican gangs. In the case of a juvenile offense – jail the mother; charge her with criminal parental neglect. A juvenile never holds the full reins of his life in his own hands and thus should never face the justice system alone. Jail the mother. If the offense is a felony then charge her as a felon. Put the mother in jail.

In the case of a married couple don’t just haul the husband away and leave the wife standing there innocently wringing her hands. Arrest her. Charge her. She can’t be living under the same roof with a drug dealer or gun-wielding gangster and not know about it. Charge the wife with aiding and abetting, harboring a felon, or keeping a drug house; or any and every violation on the books. She knows damned well where the money is coming from. And if a girlfriend is in cohabitation with the gangster she must be charged as well; and at every opportunity. Just being with him during a crime is abetting. He lavishes his drug money on her, so that makes her a party to the crime.

In criminal cases involving both sexes, no matter how deeply the woman is involved, the United States justice system always gives the poor woman a pass. They throw the book at the guy but they invariably go light on her sentence. Stop the pity-party for the petite. Jail the women. If anything, go light on the dumb guy and come down hardest on the woman.

Mexican women are very unhappy. They are dissatisfied being married to a mere peon. They would rather keep company with some bad hombre with more money – they’d rather sleep with a bandit.

It was Bonnie who was the driving force behind Clyde. Men are stupid. They do stupid things just to please women. Clyde abdicated judgment to Bonnie just as surely as Adam abdicated it to Eve. And the Mexican gangster lives a life of crime, not for his own sake, but for the sake of holding on to his woman.


When The Spanish Princess starts doing hard-time while still in her prime there will be a sea-change.

The Incident:

In the early 1990’s Milwaukee was plagued by graffiti. The Mexican gangs were marking their drug dealing territories like dogs. We were no exception to this vandalism. In fact, I even caught some in the act. Our house abuts an alley and I’d regularly receive hypnopedic Spanish lessons from passers-by as I desperately tried to sleep. One hot summer night I had the window open with my bed right against the outside wall. I plainly heard a Hispanic-accented woman’s voice say: “Over here. In the alley.” I rolled up on my elbow and saw some fool’s head just outside and below the window. Because the room was dark and the widow was screened he couldn’t see me. If the screen hadn’t been there I could have reached out and grabbed him by the ear. The woman kept watch out of sight as I heard the clickity-clickity-click of the metal ball inside an aerosol spraypaint can. At the first pisssst, I shouted as loud as I could right in his ear: “HEY! PUNK!” They both vanished into the night. Neither you nor anyone else could ever give me a satisfactory explanation of why this Mexican woman was directing the criminal activities of her tagger boyfriend. The women are the real leaders of the Mexican gangs.

Take my advice: If the Police, Prosecutors and Judges together come down hard on these gangster women and charge them at every opportunity and hand out long sentences upon conviction, the Mexican gangs will dissipate – they’ll crumble to dust. Stop this pity-party for the petite. If you take my advice and start throwing the women in jail, I absolutely guarantee results that will astound you.

I know this to be true because I caught one.





About The Twentieth Man

Age 68
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