And If Elected….

I shall endeavor to design and build a great metropolis of some 50,000,000 souls; a metropolis that does not require the obsolescent automobile for daily personal use. It can be done. It should be done. It must be done. And eventually, it will be done, with, or without you.

Imagine if you will, a great city built in concentric circles, the first, 100 miles in diameter, forms the center, within which is an untouched wilderness. The infrastructure is designed first, all else added later.

Imagine also a great, circular, mass rapid-transit system – a perfect circle that reaches, within walking distance, every part of this great city. Publicly funded, there is no fee, no turnstiles, no waiting in line, a moving sidewalk running day and night. A moving sidewalk with hand-holds and comfortable seating and capable of taking you from zero to sixty (mph) on foot. With such a system one could move over a million people ten miles in less then an hour – on foot; providing pedestrian access to every conceivable venue or business; and running enclosed against the weather directly beneath the buildings.

The innermost ring would be a vast boardwalk facing the limits of the central wilderness. High-rise apartments and skyscrapers would form a cityscape that would taper off over the horizon to left and right. Practically everyone would have a grand view of both wilderness and sky.

Behind a few blocks of living accommodations interspersed with sports, shopping and entertainment venues would be a ring of office buildings, light and heavy manufacturing etc.. Roads as such would be reserved for emergency vehicles and the movement of salable goods.

On the outskirts of this great circular city would be hobby farms and agriculture; still within a reasonable walking distance. Buildings would be built on a foundation of stilts or perpendicular open tunnels so as to prevent the ecological isolation of the central wilderness from the rest of nature outside the city.

Tentative Name: Gotham City

About The Twentieth Man

Age 69
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