Nepotism and The Girl Next Door

Nepotism practiced over time is the next best thing to Hereditary Rule. People have a natural propensity to marry those in close proximity. Opportunity or the lack thereof increases the odds of a young man engaging the proverbial girl next door. This also holds true in the Government’s bureaucratic cubicles.

It was the Chinese who first invented the Civil Service Examination in response to the corruption and incompetence wrought by nepotism and hereditary rule.

Nepotism ultimately leads to inbreeding if not to say, incest. In but few generations, the crossing and re-crossing of nepotistic bureaucratic blood lines results in deformity and mental retardation. Allowing nepotism to follow its own course ultimately results in Hereditary Rule by a mentally retarded but very powerful bureaucracy.

They say George III was mad. The royal families of Europe suffered many genetic maladies as a direct result of marrying cousins for the sake of their combined inheritance and combined power.

Hereditary Rule was the casus belli of The American Revolutionary War. Democracy is the antithesis and alleged cure of the problems inherent in Hereditary Rule.

All of the pitfalls and ultimate dead-end that nepotism represents is the reason why, in modern times, Elizabeth II, the current Queen of England, is but a nostalgic token of a once powerful and absolute monarchy.

What to do: outlaw nepotism altogether (at all levels of government) or forbid all bureaucrats from ever marrying or even having sex with each other.

Nepotism and Hereditary Rule

Nepotism in Government: An Example

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