We are but sojourners here

To journey means to travel from one place to another. But at one point in time your ancestors lived a purely pastoral existence. They lived in tents and pastured their flocks and herds. When the pasturage was depleted in one place they’d just fold up their tents and move their flocks and herds on to greener pastures and sojourn there. To journey then is just the act of moving from place to place. To sojourn, however, means to stay in one place for an indeterminate period of time. So it is with life.  We do not act as sojourners though. Instead, we engage in a fruitless struggle to put down roots deep in the earth, or build a great empire or attempt to establish an everlasting estate. Trying to leave a mark on the earth, we generally only leave scars. The only everlasting estate belongs to Christ. As for you and I, we are but sojourners here.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 69
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