Gays in the Military


FW: Military Quote of the day (or: The Bumfight at OK Corral)

Note to self:

Military Quote Of The Day

When I joined the military it was illegal to be homosexual, then it became optional, and now it’s legal. I’m getting out before Obama makes it mandatory.”

Sgt Harry Berres, USMC


This forwarded email Military Quote of the Day was circulated last year. I did some online research of this quote and found three variations sometimes blaming “Obama”, “they”, or even “the Democrats”.

Also, “Harry Berres”, is a highly suspect, macho, gungho homonym of “hairy berries”.

I couldn’t find any detailed information about this allegedly real personage, Marine Sergeant Harry Berres, not that the internet is the final authority on any subject.

A few years ago the U.S. Military was facing a shortage of young recruits; then came the recession/depression and high unemployment and all-of-a-sudden all the armed forces recruiters made quota.

A coincidence? I think not.

Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve wants to raise the bar on optimal unemployment to 6%. This additional pressure filled the ranks of the military.

Allow homosexuals in the military? It’s called scraping the bottom of the barrel.

From an historical perspective, war has always been a bumfight.

 The Twentieth Man

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