I Don’t Want To Go To Heaven

I never do want to go to Heaven.

Heaven is as involuntary as Life.

Heaven is as involuntary as Hell.

Oblivion if you please, for me.

Annihilation if you please, for me.

Heaven or Hell?

the Carrot and the Stick

Unproven and Unprovable

Do I really want that carrot?

Do I really deserve that big of a stick?

A tale told to children;

folklore – and nothing more.

Hellfire and Damnation?

And for all, ALL of Eternity?

Tormented Forever?

A bit harsh, wouldn’t you say, Old Man?

And Bliss! Oh Heavenly Bliss!

Just What in Unholy Hell is Bliss?

Eternal Bliss.

Does it ever get boring? (No!)

It’s Bliss!

Come to think on it,

I believe I don’t deserve either.

Thus – Oblivion and Annihilation

for me – if you please.

Silly Semitic Folklore.

A child asked an embarrassing question:

“Where did we all come from?”

Not wanting to lose face,

or reveal his ignorance – the old man lied.

He made up a story on the spot about

Adam and Eve. He wove a tall tale,

of angels and of devils, and of course,

Heaven and Hell.

Good children go to Heaven

Bad children go to Hell.

Now go to bed and stop asking questions.

(Especially those I can’t rightly answer.)

I’m sorry if I hurt you; shaking you,

questioning your beliefs – but

I think it would be a much better world if we weren’t all so goddamned sure of ourselves.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 69
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