Star Wars

Star Wars is a perfect example of the human ego gone amok. It’s not good enough to be able (in this fictional scenario) to jump in your space ship and discover an uninhabited Earth-like (Class M?) planet and claim it, own it, and occupy it, and have it all to yourself or live in serene isolation with a single companion like Adam & Eve.

No! That’s Not Good Enough! You must crush, conquer and control the whole universe! As the universe expands so does your ego and tyrannical ambitions. How large the universe? Does it matter? Your ego will expand to fill it; every cubic inch of it.

You must have all sentient beings and all other living creatures, and even the weather, under your absolute control. You are moved to take violent action against every errant, lollygagging leaf and defiant dandelion on your infinite, imaginary lawn!

 Imperialists are control freaks.

In reality you have no control over your own destiny. You’re basically in God’s hands. This scares the crap out of some people.

Having the whole world all to yourself just isn’t good enough. Even though you have no control over your own life – your own destiny, you delude yourself and hysterically insist upon controlling others and keeping them in an ever tightening grip.

 A whole world all your own is just not good enough.

Imperialism is a sickness.

Imperialism is an hysterical, neurotic obsession.

 Take That – Darth Vader!

About The Twentieth Man

Age 69
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