Descriptive Writing

A Flavor Packet:

 (for lack of a better name)

 A pungent chunk o’ lung or mucoid sinus detritus, the result of a hard cough or a sneeze, that brings forth a spicy accumulation of old, toasty (cigarette, BBQ, house afire, burning rubbish) smoke; or decayed, dehydrated, bacterial infection (green snot) from its long term storage in the sinus; or an odd remnant of seemingly years old seasonings or other, harsher, years-ago chemical exposures brought to the forefront, memory, and full attention of the taste buds and generally and unshakably assaulting the sense of smell.

It can neither be brushed, nor rinsed, nor even gargled away and may well linger on for several days, altogether tainting, interfering with, and ultimately destroying the enjoyment of any and all food and drink.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 69
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