At some point in human history every idea that you now hold in your head simply did not exist. Once upon a time the very concept of inheritance did not exist. Inheritance is a man-made concept. In the natural world inheritance simply does not exist. If you disagree, give an example. Inheritance, in order to be just, is an all or nothing concept. If there is any virtue in the concept, it lies in the absolute extremes. Either every man deserves an inheritance or no man deserves an inheritance. Anything between these extremes is a grotesque injustice. Inheritance as now practiced is grievous inequity.

It is all or nothing – everyone or no one – or continues to be an everlasting bone of contention.

You may argue that “the scriptures say this…” or “the scriptures say that…” but I argue that those scriptures are all man-made. Nothing written has ever been written directly by the hand of God.

 This is not for you. This generation lacks the capacity to grasp it.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 69
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