Bitter Irony (It is to Laugh)

As you’ve probably discerned by now, I am a Vietnam War veteran. It’s Monday, November 12, and my dear sister left a message on the telephone answering machine reminding us to “hang the flag” for Veteran’s Day (observed).

I laughed when I heard the message – I’d rather hang myself than the flag.

The State of Wisconsin just elected a lesbian to the U. S. Senate.

For a long time, the City of Milwaukee has it in for veterans. Ever since the Vietnam War they’ve managed to never, ever, hold the Veteran’s Day Parade on Veteran’s Day.


This year they had no excuse. Armistice/Veteran’s Day was yesterday, November 11, (Sunday fer cryin’ out loud!); and the traditional date for Veteran’s Day. The parade was held instead the day before, Saturday, November 10. Some years the parade has been held nearly a week in advance (cuts down on crowds, I guess).

I sent an email to the people in charge of parade planning, inquiring about this phenomenon of habitually missing the actual date several years ago. I never got a reply.

The annual Gay Pride Parade always seems to go off without a hitch, however.


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