A Fine Madness: Big Bird

Reason with me:

 Business is War.

 War is Business.

 Education is Business.

 Education is War.


Big Bird gets him a gat and takes a schoolroom full of children hostage. A SWAT team surrounds the old school building.

(P.S.73 – whatever.)

The sun sets. Blinding searchlights sweep across the bricks and windows. From time to time Big Bird sticks his beak out from behind the now closed window shades. He paces back and forth nervously, his voice harsher and higher than normal, angrily spitting his list of demands into a weakening cellphone.


“Higher Wages for Teachers!”

“Better Medical Coverage!”

“A Better Pension Plan!”

“Four Months of Summer!”

“Assistant Librarian!”

“Mixed Bird Seed!”


(The rest reads like that annual list of back-to-school supplies they used to send home with you for your mom.)

Big Bird is an educator after all; and kindergarten thru college, educators are monopolists who hold your children’s future hostageand make you pay.

 Monopoly and inequity in education is war.


We all went to different schools together.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 69
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