Assertiveness Training

I knew the Feminist Movement was Mass Media brainwashing all the way back in 1973 when I was old enough and educated enough to understand what propaganda was. Being an unemployed Vietnam War veteran I had to endure so many infuriating and downright insulting aspects of this Social Engineering. It was said to be “inflationary” (by President Ford) for veterans to go to college but not so for women. Government Help Wanted ads stated flatly “Women and minorities strongly encouraged to apply.” Thousands of job positions were “held open”, waiting for a woman or a minority (female) to come along while at the very same time both black and white male veterans went wanting (and committing suicide). I took many Civil Service Exams – scoring perfect on several – but never once was I called for an interview.

Phil Donahue and Larry the Legend (just to name two) and a host of other propagandists convinced women that, no matter what problems they were facing in life, taking a job, any job, (but traditionally male) was the answer. Get a job.

Even those women who proclaimed themselves to be opposed to radical feminism still somehow recognized the Women’s Movement’s crowning absurdity – that of a woman’s “Right to Work.”

One aspect of the overall movement to get women out of their homes, and one that I found particularly unfair, was the use of public facilities for this political end. I recall seeing widely-advertised Assertiveness Training Courses being offered for “Free” being held in the local Public Libraries, that were nominally off limits for such partisan use. For all the government assistance women received in the aftermath of this pressure to find outside employment – daycare, battered women shelters, divorce advocacy, etc. there was never a male equivalent.

Even at the time I wondered who this Feminist cult cadre was – these Assertiveness Trainers and I especially wondered who was really behind the financing of this operation. It cost money just to provide logistical support for brainwashing seminars of this nature; after all, even the perpetrators needed to eat and fill their gas tanks; and who would be so passionate about the perceived need for assertiveness in women that they would conduct such courses strictly voluntarily and without pay?

I said even then that the women taking these Assertiveness Training Courses would “assert themselves right out of their marriages” and, of course, eventually, they did.

The Pill (ZPG) panicked the Corporate Capitalists and their Congressional Puppets because it foreshadowed a labor shortage in the near future, so they declared war on us all and loosed The Hell Hounds of Propaganda. (Yes, they do hound you.)

As for myself, I have a personal preference for a more reasoned discourse.

In the final analysis, the whole of the Feminist Movement consisted of 1% just tricking the women (into taking jobs they never really needed -“I just wanted to get out of the house”) and 99% pragmatic Damage Control in response to the destructive cultural and economic chaos that ensued when “Mother” left home.

And we may never get that Jinn back in the bottle.


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