House Afire

Theft gives a whole new meaning to "digital television"; cf. "a five-finger discount."

In walking through the neighborhood after dark I’ve sometimes seen what at first glance appears to be a house afire. People tend to sit in the dark while watching their television. The rapid, flickering play of light from the TV screen can easily be mistaken for a fire. As television screens get bigger and bigger this issue is becoming more apparent. While the flickering display catches the eye and curiosity of casual passers-by it also attracts the attention of persons of less-than-noble intent. Our neighbors across the street were burgled while out yesterday evening. They lost a 52″ flat screen television that they hadn’t had for very long. The burglar(s) climbed in through a front, street-facing window. The neighbor knocked on our door asking if we’d seen anything. Of course we, as typical Americans, saw nothing, heard nothing, knew nothing as we were otherwise occupied watching television or on the Internet.



About The Twentieth Man

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