Brush-By Payments

“Brush-By Payments” is an expression you’re not likely to hear or see anywhere else on the internet or in any official government regulatory capacity. Undoubtedly an illegal, arbitrary, capricious and secretive bureaucratic maneuver, in usage it is a form of extortion perpetrated by feminist VA/VSR employees. A situation where VA benefits are purposely and maliciously withheld or denied male veterans’ children in lieu of child support alimony because a veterans’ pension could not be legally garnished. A form of generalized feminist revenge and/or punishment aimed at any man and every man.

Child Support is Child Support. It doesn’t need to pass through a disgruntled divorcée’s clutching grasp.

As it was explained to me by a Veterans Administration VSR employee (Veterans Service Representative – a man who refused to reveal his name as a matter of “policy”) in 2000:

“If you pay (X dollars) a month (to your ex-wife) your child’s benefits will be released to you.”

In other words:

“If your ex-wife can’t get disability pension money from you, you and you’re child can’t get dependent benefit money from us.”

Brush-By Payments -definition-

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