A child died not long ago. It doesn’t matter which child exactly, as these tragedies happen, woefully, quite regularly, every few days or perhaps even hours. She was only three.

In a flash of absolute freedom she dashed into the street and was crushed beneath the wheels of a passing vehicle. As a professionally trained driver this has always been my very worst nightmare. But beyond that, in grieving about and meditating upon this emotionally devastating occurrence, I concluded that this child died of an excess of freedom.

When politicians speak of freedom it’s mostly, MOSTLY, gibberish.

 Absolute freedom is absolutely deadly to a child.

 In reading the Bible, the Ten Commandments (or thirteen, depending on how you parse it) say over and over: “Thou Shall Not”…. And every jot and tittle of the LAW chips away, subtracting from the sum total of your absolute freedom.

When you were a child, your mother took you, physically, by the hand, and restrained you, taking away much from your absolute freedom. You, of course, chaffed continually at this loss of absolute freedom. In the course of restraining you she also sacrificed some of her own absolute freedom. This loss of absolute freedom on both your parts had a higher purpose. For one thing, you’ve lived, and you’ve survived long enough to be able to read this writing.

While it is universally true that the LAW takes away from the sum total of absolute freedom, in its idealized, realized, form, it is an act of love. In its idealized, realized, form, the restraints imposed by the LAW prevents you from hurting yourself and others.

Consider the Ten Commandments, a traffic light, dietary restrictions and sexual taboos. All-in-all these are intended to keep you and others from harm and especially, from harming each other.

Absolute freedom is an individual’s choice to do or not do, or choose from a myriad of actions, perhaps even on impulse, without any forethought, and lacking any wisdom.

Restraints upon absolute freedom are timely in that, what restraints there are that are good and proper to a child, are not proper to an adult, etc..

There are those who continuously engage in “the fight for freedom” only to come to a bad end, either in the short run or the long. They approve any and all freedom and at any time.

 There are essentially two kinds of freedom:

the right kind of freedom and the wrong kind of freedom.

  As a people, we suffer mightily from too much of the wrong kind of freedom and not nearly enough of the right kind of freedom.

 Worldwide, people – especially the littlest children – die every day by the thousands from the wrong kind of freedom.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 70
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