Valentine’s Day

“Every kiss begins with Kay” – Kay jewelers advertisement


If, as the ads say: “every kiss begins with Kay”, it’s technically prostitution. If a trip to the jeweler’s, the purchase and giving over of an expensive gemstone or other object of value is a necessary prerequisite and  prelude to receiving a mere kiss, it tacitly implies sex for consideration. “Every” is an absolute term.

Prostitution is entering into an illegal service contract. Prostitution is not always simply about sex in exchange for money/money for sex. It can be sex in exchange for other things of value. In order to properly convict a prostitute the prostitute must first “name her price.” It’s not against the law to talk about sex, but once a price is named it becomes a contract for an illegal service. Sex is an illegal “service”.


Goods & Services

 The crime of prostitution is entering into a contract to provide an illegal service, just as a drug dealer enters into a contract to sell an illegal good. Washing windows, for instance, is a legal service for which one may enter into a contract and exchange goods or even other services. Sex for consideration is an illegal service contract because the service itself is deemed illegal. The “consideration” exchanged is anything of recognized value, e.g., money, food, clothing, rent, etc., and that would include jewelry as well.

Sexual desire is an emotion. Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day, etc., has devolved into a brutal exercise in emotional extortion. They’re not just tugging at your heartstrings, they’re playing you like a cheap fiddle.

“Cross my palm with silver, young man, and you’ll get a kiss from the princess.”

 How ever did this hawk-nosed baboon come between me and thee on the loveseat?

(You kiss him on the left cheek and I on the right and we’ll all be in bliss, right?)

OK. I could be wrong. But if one measly kiss goes for a minimum price of a diamond ring; how much for the whole enchilada?

 Can I please have just one kiss on account? Just one, – please?

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