The Double Entendre

Every day is a little different and today was just the same: I ran into a triple entendre; it could have been a double entendre but I’m pretty sure it was a triple, I’m not sure.

Anyway – On my way to the local eatery whose name I won’t mention ’cause they don’t pay me to advertise I spotted a tiny truck as it zipped by. It had advertising all over it and a giant can of Red Bull energy drink perched on the back. It was about the size of a 55 gallon drum.

At the eatery two very young women arrived. Each of them was wearing a backpack shaped like a big can of Red Bull. I asked one of them if it was they who were driving the truck. One smiled and answered “Yes.” They were apparently giving out samples to the kids in the counter crew.

Later on, while getting a refill of coffee I accusingly asked the young man behind the counter: “Did I hear you tell those girls they had nice cans?” He just deadpanned and shook his head, “No.” The triple entendre sailed right over his head it seemed.

Now I’m almost certain that was a triple entendre, but the reference might be dated. In my day if they weren’t sporting those backpacks I’d have gotten my face slapped if I said they had nice cans.

Yes, “can” or “cans” are slang terms, making it a slang triple entendre, so sue me.

I didn’t get a really close look at them but I’d say their cans were pretty nice; not great, mind you – just pretty nice.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 68
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