Daemon = the moral conscience, the ideal self or better nature; the heroic guiding spirit of a man, legendary or historic; or the inspirational atmospheric genius of a shrine, monument, tomb, or other place of historic remembrance.

Demonic Possession = possession by a negative, destructive emotion.


Daemon – Good Spirit – (Positive)

Daimon – Neutral Spirit – (Neutral)

Demon – Evil Spirit – (Negative)


The Holy Spirit – the will of the Christ (the anointed one – Jesus of Nazareth)

 The root word of emotion is motion – to move. An emotion is a force acting on a body from within. A good argument for the existence of the soul is found at a funeral service in the observation of the essential difference between the living and the dead. Your body is the container of your soul. A corpse, human remains, a dead body, can only be moved by forces external to itself and does not move of itself, it is not set in motion by hidden internal forces as the living person’s body is. A living person is a body and a soul. A dead body is a person without a soul. It is just an empty container.

Possession means having control over something. At different times your body can be possessed by one or more of several different spirits. A spirit is not a ghost or poltergeist or some kind of discrete entity existing of itself, but an emotion or motive force within you; the reason or cause of what you do.

All living things have a life force within them. Animists believe all living things, trees for example, have spirits all their own, and, indeed they do. It may be called its daimon or ego/libido. The ego seeks. A tree sends forth roots, searching for and in the direction of moisture and nutrient soils and stretches forth its leaves and branches toward sunlight for energy, often competing for both. And from time to time it redirects this life force to the libidinous urge to procreate; to produce seed. This daimon is a neutral spirit, confined to the parameters of that particular life form. The life force daimon possessing all living creatures never exceeds its own needs. You may be possessed of this daimon and motivated only by your ego/libido.

The daemon is an heroic ideal, a possessing spirit, emotion, or motive force or desire that transcends the simple individual need to survive and procreate. The daemon then is a positive, altruistic spirit, perhaps uniquely human.

And what of possession by demons? As the daemon is superior to the daimon, a demon is just as inferior. Demonic possession goes beyond needs in its negativity and destruction. A demon spirit is injurious to both the one possessed and those around them.

The root word of superstition is stitch, denoting knitting, sewing, linkage, or cause and effect. A superstition then is something believed above and beyond real cause and effect. The air is filled with fictional spirits of various kinds. These are able to possess only the most irrational, superstitious and feeblest of minds.

Zombies are living human beings entranced, subjugated and made suggestible with drugs, psychological coercion, hypnosis or other means, who may even believe themselves dead or back from the dead. Made highly suggestible, without a will of their own, they are possessed by another, a witch doctor perhaps, and not moved by their own internal spirit. The fear is not of zombies and what they can do, but the fear of being made one: a type of slavery.

God does what he wants with his own. He is able to make exception to a man’s free will. Generally though, possession by the Holy Spirit is voluntary. To be possessed of the Holy Spirit is to voluntarily set aside all other spirits and motives and to surrender ones will to his own; to do as he would and not as you would.

 1 Corinthians 6:19

 “What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost (Spirit) which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?”

 2 Corinthians 12:9

 “And he (Christ) said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.”

 2 Corinthians 12:10

 “…for when I (Paul) am weak, then am I strong.”





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