Pharmacology – No Apology

As a student of history I have come to the conclusion that the main ingredient in all patent medicines is and always has been, bullshit.


I give you a logical statement:

I have never met a doctor whose patients aren’t all either dead or dying.


If you were to ask a doctor if any of his patients have died, he would usually answer yes if he’d been in practice for very long.

You then could ask him:

“Of all of your patients still living, how many will die?”

 If he were an honest man, he would have to answer “all of them, eventually.


If all of your patients die anyway, just what is it you’re selling us, doctor?

Do you promise immortality?

Are you selling us the Fountain of Youth?


We all live in dread fear of death.

 Are you selling Magic Beans to hysterics?

Are you making capital of human frailty?

When we become sick, are you hitting us below the belt – or kicking us when we are down?

About The Twentieth Man

Age 68
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