The Hardest Lesson In Life

The hardest lesson in life is acceptance.

The hardest lesson in life is to accept the fact that God favors some over others.

Some of us are intolerably lucky. Some have no luck at all.

 Some of us are born beautiful, and some of us are born ugly.

 Some of us are very, very smart; and some of us are stupid.

 There is no natural equality among men, much less among men and women.

Inequality is a natural cheat.

Cheating is not competing, and so, there is no such thing as “fair play”.

Life just isn’t fair, and there’s no equal distribution of anything:

Not Luck, Not Love, Not Beauty.

Some children are stillborn – dead from their mother’s womb, having never drawn a single breath of life. Still others may live to be 120.

There is no happiness to be had. The realities of life just won’t allow it.

 Whether a single human life starts and ends in the womb or struggles to survive to 120 – no two people experience life the same, and neither do they perceive it. Some may learn from their experiences while others in the same situation do not.

Acceptance of the unfairness of life is the hardest lesson in life and some may never learn it; won’t even consider it and will always rebel against it.

But there is only one truly Universal Lesson to Life; the one lesson we all eventually learn regardless of who we are, what we do, or how long we live; and that One Universal Lesson in Life is this:

“I Am the Lord.”

About The Twentieth Man

Age 69
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