Chastity, fidelity and celibacy are all forms of medical quarantine. This is not just a coincidence. It is wisdom drawn from experience. Chastity before marriage, fidelity in marriage and celibacy in the aftermath prevents the transmission of many exclusively sexually transmitted diseases.

Any government that does not support chastity, fidelity and celibacy simply does not support the general health and wellbeing of its citizens. Such a government is not looking out for the best interests of the individual. This is just good sense.

But chastity, fidelity and celibacy are concepts that are not natural but man-made and thus subject to the ebb and flow of cultural institutions.

Who in his right mind would repeal any ordinance that protects the general publics’ health?

Politicians, in the name of “freedom of religion” or some other nefarious motivation, repealed the so-called “blue laws” against Adultery, Fornication, Co-Habitation and Sodomy, and in so doing they unleashed a plague that collected the innocent with the promiscuous guilty.

Beyond the spreading of disease is the even greater issue of the haphazard creation of unwanted children – bastards.

What is their argument? If something is found in The Bible it is thus a religious belief and therefore unlawful under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution? Truth and Wisdom stand of themselves whether they be found in religious scriptures or not.

Do not confuse common sense with good sense. The common sense is what the majority of people think is right. Good Sense is that which is truly right. It is, unfortunately, and perhaps fatally true, that a democracy, at very best, runs only on the common sense.

While chastity, fidelity and celibacy are not found in Nature, and in practice among us humans are, at best, Ideals – if a society trashes its ideals, the majority will no longer strive for or reach them.

I see no human progress at all in the repeal of good sense, core values and ideals.


About The Twentieth Man

Age 67
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