The Emergency Room

My brother was involved in an unfortunate accident and 911 was called; but because his injuries were deemed minor by the Fire Department EMT crew, I drove him myself to the local hospital Emergency Room for examination and treatment.

While my brother was being examined by the doctors my son and I sat waiting and very bored, watching TV (for the better part of an entire afternoon) in the Emergency Room waiting area.

A young couple arrived with a darling little girl that seemed perfectly fine just as they were so I could not fathom why they were in there at all.

It was then I noticed the T-shirt the young man was wearing. I gave my son a nudge and whispered: “Damn the luck! This must be the worst place on earth to be wearing that shirt!”

I don’t know if he overheard me or just suddenly became self-conscious but he went out to his car and put on a jacket to cover it up.

What Not to Wear in an Emergency Room:

What Not to Wear in an Emergency Room:

True stories are the best kinds of stories.



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