How to Reverse the Magnetic Polarity of Your Biological Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo Clock, Black Forest, 3-Bird

The author becomes inspired (lovely word, that). But at times that inspiration lasts only just long enough to develop a working title for an essay.

Composition happens hour after hour within the meandering mind and may be so deep, complex and lengthy as to completely exhaust the authors’ limited store of psychic energy and may never actually be produced in any written form; and thus, bears no good fruit.

Second working title:

 How to Reconfigure the Magnetic Field of Your Biological Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo Clock

Cuckoo Clock, Black Forest, Hunter

There is no logical reason for a woman to have a child. Ask any woman directly why she has a child and she’ll give you a vague, irrational, or nebulous response. Logic is linguistic, the high calculus of grammar, rules of verbal mathematical function, or applied as cause and effect science. In contrast, having a child is, not logical – but bio-logical. As a discrete individual, what does it profit a woman to have a child? Does pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood enhance her ability to survive? Does having a child make her healthier, stronger, richer? No.

Feminists have long argued that the unborn fetus is actually parasitic on the woman. But this is only true in cases where essential nutrients are in short supply in the mothers’ diet. In such a case nature prioritizes the unborn child over the mother and takes what’s neccessary for the fetus to develop and survive.

And what of breastfeeding? Good for the woman or good for the child?

 It is not logically profitable for a woman to have a child.

 Consider the man: What does a man logically gain by having a child? More freedom? More money? A longer, happier life? Of course not.

When your body develops a shortage of water (H2O) it will systematically husband and prioritize its distribution to various organs and then and only then does the water shortage burble up from the unconscious body to present itself to the conscious mind as a recognizable and expressible ‘thirst’ ideation and motive for your body to physically seek out a replenishing source of water.

Likewise, the urge to have a baby is not logical but bio-logical; it is as if the Life Force within grabs a woman by the scruff of the neck and says “It’s time to get pregnant!”

Having children only makes sense as an otherwise mute biological species imperative. The individual is sacrificed. Should we worry so much about our own species’ survival?

Regardless of any external circumstance of social upheaval, regardless of poverty, regardless of famine, or of war, an uncertain future or any lack of mental maturity or cultural preparedness, women want babies.

 There is no logic to support it.

 The expression ‘biological clock’ was coined in the modern Feminist era. It expresses the clash of the time constraint pressures imposed by the upper limits of a womans’ fertile years (menarche to menopause) against putting off motherhood for the sake of some nebulous ideal circumstance of ‘having it all’ – ideal husband, ideal house, ideal finances, a formal education and a satisfying professional career. But tempus fugit – the time ultimately does run out.


Where the ideal circumstance fails to materialize, and where all time-honored cultural norms are destroyed, women, still feeling the pressure from their biological clock, jump into motherhood willy-nilly anyway.

No, it doesn’t make any sense. It never will. It’s not logical; in fact it’s just plain cuckoo.

The author is therefore of the opinion that a more descriptively accurate expression of these phenomena would be to call it “your biological cuckoo clock.”

Cuckoo Clock - Angry Hausfrau

Cuckoo Clock, Black Forest, Angry Hausfrau



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