Women and Minorities Are Strongly Encouraged To Apply . . . .

Women and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.

City of Milwaukee Job Opportunity bulletin 1985


Statements within the text:

“Note: Women and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.”

“The City of Milwaukee is an Affirmative Action employer”

“Women, minorities and handicapped individuals are encouraged to apply”

 Women and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.

How do these words read, as seen through the eyes of an unemployed white male? That others are preferred over me? That I have an unfair advantage of some sort? To be fair to others you must be unfair to me? If they are strongly encouraged am I to be just as strongly discouraged? Where is the competition where preference is already blatantly practiced and applied? Is it my fault your skin is dark? Is it my fault you were born a woman? Ability and disability exists as a full spectrum. There are infinite degrees of handicappedness. Should the able be set aside for the sake of the disabled? Is all this done out of pity? If so; where is the pity for me?

I’ve never been in a position to hire or fire anyone. I’ve never owned a slave; and neither had my father nor his father before him; and yet I am the whippingboy; I am the whippingboy for the rich and the powerful; those whose lives and positions and profits are unaltered regardless of who they employ. I am the scapegoat; I am the scapegoat for those who, in the past, owned slaves and now own wage-slaves. Surely, I have my own sins to bear. But here I also bear the sins of others upon my shoulders.

 I am God. I created woman. It is I who owes them their recompense.

 Affirmative Action is injustice heaped upon injustice. Affirmative Action is a sinister hypocrisy. A tree is known by its fruit. Nothing has changed in the ghetto. Affirmative Action for women nullified the entire Civil Rights Movement. For what good are Civil Rights if you don’t have a job? From Reconstruction in the aftermath of The American Civil War to this very day – black women have been the heads of most of the households. 150 years later nothing has changed in that wise; nothing has changed in the ghetto. If Affirmative Action had been applied strictly to black men there would have been profound change. If Affirmative Action had been applied strictly and reasonably to black men every man in the country, black or white, would have had a job and every child would have a father.

The original complaint was slavery. That segued into wage-slavery. Neither slavery nor wage-slavery is dependent upon race or racism but that was the perception. While racism was blamed as the proximate cause, wage-slavery is in fact economic – and economics knows no color. Economics is about numbers; in this case, the number of people for sale.

The sexism argument is bogus. I’m sexist because I’m not blind. For most labor applications economics is in fact gender-blind; but men generally wind up being leveraged into doing all the heavy lifting.

Affirmative Action was and still is a sinister hypocrisy. Everyone cries on my shoulder. I now have illegal immigrants, mostly Mexicans, and mostly illegal, crying on my shoulder about racism and sexism. Go back to your own country. There is no racism there. Everyone in Mexico is a Mexican. To all of these immigrants, wherever you’re from, illegal or not: everyone in your home country is just like you. Don’t come here and cry on my shoulder about how unfair I am.

 Our whole economy relies upon your ignorance.

 Alexander Solzhenitsyn might call you a “fascist tool.” You know nothing of the struggles and pain of the native-born. You bit on the American Dream. That’s all that it is; that’s all it ever was – a dream.

As for the Affirmative Action feminists so recently proud to take a mans’ place: for you and your daughters, it is a bitter lesson and not nearly so easy as it at first seemed.

We in America live a pressure-cooker existence. It is entirely artificial. It is government policy to maintain a surplus of labor. Feminism doubled the labor supply practically overnight. A steady stream of immigrants maintains the pressure. This is a problem the government does not want to solve. Blame racism, blame sexism, blame the ignorant immigrants. Blame me. But don’t blame the powers that be.

 So long as the people are at each others’ throats nothing will change.

 My enemys’ enemy is my friend.

 Affirmative Action perpetrates injustice in the name of justice.

 What have I to do with you?


About The Twentieth Man

Age 69
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