Churning Lawyers Part II

I’ve got an idea to make us some really easy money.

Take that little boy of yours shopping and buy him some fancy girls’ clothes.

Let his hair grow long and dress him up real pretty.

When you take him to school on his first day of kindergarten tell the clucking-hen teachers he is a (s)he and needs to go potty – but only in the girls’ room. When they object tell them (s)he’s “transgendered” and it might bruise “her” delicate psyche to discover (s)he’s a boy. Of course they’ll object most strenuously and so we’ll have an excuse to “sue the bastards” (the taxpayers; the State; the School Board; whoever has money) for hundreds of thousands of dollars for discrimination. (Naturally, because it was my idea, I get a third.) Great idea, yes?

Coy (rhymes with Boy) Mathis

Coy (rhymes with Boy) Mathis, Transgender ‘Girl’ News Article

The APA has a great deal to answer for. The American Psychiatric Association is a professional or fraternal organization whose main interest is the economic welfare of its members. Healing plays no part. The APA is a virtual dictatorship. Although not the final authority, The APA tells us who’s crazy and who’s not. The exploitation of this hapless child in this manner is nearly as bad as using a child as a human shield in a gunfight. And I remind you that the judges are (wink, wink) lawyers too.

People who sue at the drop of a hat are known as litigious. They may be neurotic with a persecution complex or may just do it full-time and professionally just out of greed. Cases such as these were sometimes called frivolous and tossed out in the first instance. But these are hard times (or not) and the lawyers are always, always hungry. The lawyers get their cut off the top and the parents get the rest. But perhaps they’ll use the money thus gained for therapy farther down the road; or better still, to send the child to Law School – and that’s when the fun really starts.

Every few minutes, somewhere here in the United States, a child dies of abuse and neglect.

Media Notes:

The Copy Editor, responsible for the headline, tacitly accepts the convention that the boy in question is a girl. The unknown Author refers to the boy as “her” and also looks forward to “the next frontier in civil rights.” If a little girl is said to self-identify as a boy she must thus be referred to as “he”; and this eventually makes her/him a Lesbian.

 The Media (APA?) Stylesheet Convention:

A transgender girl is actually a boy.

A transgender boy is actually a girl.

 There is an odd expression from Show Business:

“If you buy the premise you’ll buy the bit.”

 The premise in this case is “gender identity” as something distinguished from verbose reasoning and the potential harm of simply correcting the error.

 “If they (you) buy the premise they’ll (you’ll) buy the bit.”

attributed to Johnny Carson

 Everybody makes money on this dust-up. Salaried politicians sit continuously on their fat little arses and appoint salaried civil rights commissioners; lawyers and judges are paid; the parents win monetary judgments. The editors and reporters have something to sell. Nobody gets hurt except for the kid who is left embarrassed and confused, and who still faces the “locker room proofs” and the rediscovery of who he really is: a Child of God.

Bizarro, Dan Piraro, 7/7/09

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 7/7/09, Dan Piraro





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