American Graffiti

Is a plague a private matter?

Is a plague a private matter?

Is a plague a private matter?

Is a plague a private matter?

Is a plague a private matter?

Is a plague a private matter?

Is a plague a private matter?

Is a plague a private matter?

Some time ago a neighbor was interrupted in an attempted suicide. His intent was to blow himself up. Fortunately his grandson came home unexpectedly and found the house filled with gas. The police were called and he was taken into custody. The neighbors were badly shaken. He’s already back home.

Many years ago a man living in the house directly across the street from ours drove his car into his garage and never came out.

A few years later, a 25 year old man shot himself to death in the house across the alley from the one above. In seeking confirmation of what I’d heard from neighbors, I asked a police officer on the scene. He refused to answer my query, saying it was a “private” matter.

I know nothing factual about “Danny”. (see picture)

While I was in Basic Training at Fort Campbell Kentucky in 1968 there were three attempted suicides in my platoon alone.

In the ‘70’s I was a volunteer at the “Underground Switchboard”. One New Year’s Eve I was on the phone with a suicidal man when the line went dead.

According to a 1980 report by the DAV (Disabled American Veteran’s). more Viet Nam War veterans committed suicide than died in the war.

I hate like hell to think that a friend or member of my family is out there all alone and suffering in silence.

You do not have the right to take your own life. You must seek my permission. Unless you have lived the kind of life that I’ve lived you do not have my permission.

A few years ago I was the victim of an attempted car jacking. A while later I went to the Police Department to get a copy of the Police Report. They had nothing on record about the incident.

I have long believed that the People’s Right to Know (U.S. Constitution Article II, Section 3) has consistently been violated on all levels of government. The constitution mandates that the President especially report back to The People, the true State of the Union. We’re not kept informed about the true state of crime, unemployment, divorce, or suicide; and such things constitute the true state of the Union.

Aside from the CIA and the Military, there is no excuse whatever for secrecy at any level of government in a democracy. The People Know Nothing.

And in case you hadn’t picked up on the pattern: Yes, most American suicides are male.

No culture, no nation, no civilization that practices human sacrifice is worthy of sustenance.

As a student of history I’ve read many a book. The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire; The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, etc.. The whole surface of the earth is pimpled over with the remains of upstart and failed civilizations. Truth be told: most history books are about the rise and fall of some civilization or other.

I’ve read the Constitution of the USSR and the US Constitution and the two are embarrassingly similar; documents filled with nebulous ideals and unkept promises; both atheist in aspect. In its historical place the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989 was really no surprise. Civilization is based upon a particular culture and when that culture is destroyed so too, is the overriding civilization.

We’ve become a polyglot – a Tower of Babel. No one understands each others’ speech and neither do they care about what happens to their neighbor.

The whole country’s gone effeminate. Decadence, feminism and homosexuality are historically harbingers of the impending collapse of any civilization. If all previous civilizations have failed, what makes you think this one won’t?

Drafted, I turned 19 in Viet Nam, and when I came home I was still a teenager and still too young to drink or vote. As a veteran and former naive patriot I say, I never signed on for this shit.

By the time of Christ all forms and permutations of human government had already been tried and all had already failed. Government by terror and human sacrifice always fails – always.

I believe absolutely in The Kingdom of Heaven. It is the only form of government that works. For all my studies it is all I have left to believe in. The Kingdom of Heaven is over 2000 years old and growing.

 The Twentieth Man





Article II, Section 3.


He shall from time to time give to the Congress information of the state of the union, and recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient;





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