The Man in the Tin Foil Hat

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It’s an old cliché and a stereotype, the man in the tin foil hat. He’s loony but harmless – a little bit off. Usually above average in intelligence, he’s paranoid or neurotic; obsessively worried – and the reason he wears the aluminum hat is to block RF energy waves and prevent people from reading (eavesdropping) or even controlling his mind. He might even be convinced the government (or some other entity) has surreptitiously attached a microchip or other monitoring/controlling device to his body or brain.

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 Given the technology of the day: Smartphones with GPS tracking, Keyword filters, the older administrative keystroke monitoring, NSA listening – all done nearly at the speed of light; the man in the tin foil hat doesn’t seem so crazy after all.

And what is the difference between a microchip in your head and the one in your hand? With the rapid advance of developing technology, in twenty years time, the man in the tin foil hat will look like an absolute genius.


The thoughts in your head are still secret (and harmless to anyone but you) – unless they are acted upon. That is your personal mind-scape. They motivate only you. Once shared however, they become atmospheric; they can and do impact and motivate others. Posting your thoughts and opinions on the Internet is the same as ‘thinking out loud’ (aloud).

Who is the crazy one? The man in the tin foil hat who seems more aware than anyone else that he’s indeed being followed; those (like you) who are blissfully unaware or indifferent; or perhaps it’s that anonymous fellow sitting in the dark who feels the need to keep a sharp eye on practically everyone else?


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