3 MPD Police Officers On Gang Hit List

From: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel October 1, 2013


While the story within the following article is itself quite disturbing, that is not the reason for posting it here. It is the quote within the story that, taken as an illustration of the difference between the ‘on the clock’ stresses and necessary vigilance of police-work compared with the ‘around the clock’ vigilance of living in and being watched and hunted in a combat zone 24/7/365 could not be stated more clearly.

Keller called it "absolutely exhausting" to be 100% alert 100% of the time compared with only when he's on duty.

Keller called it “absolutely exhausting” to be 100% alert 100% of the time compared with only when he’s on duty.

There is a great deal of me-too ism and false claims surrounding the diagnosis of PTSD. In this article Police Officer Keller expressed his awareness of the tangible difference and toll of being in a heightened state of vigilance all of the time versus part of the time. He also points to hyper-vigilance as being “absolutely exhausting”.

Police-work is tough but combat is still tougher. In police-work the police are the hunters – only rarely (as in this case) do they become the hunted.

In PTSD the injury is caused purely by stress and the hyphen belongs in the middle:

Post Traumatic-Stress Disorder


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